Clarendon Township

Calhoun County Michigan

Rural living at it's best

To Our Township


Soon we will see colors

Board meetings are held Monthly, You may view last Month's

Board meeting click on the link

Emergency Call 911
Police, Fire, Ambulance,

Non-Emergency Numbers
Homer Fire 517-568-4328
Homer Police 517-568-4312
Tekonsha Fire 517-767-3484
Tekonsha  Police 517-966-3363

Applications & Permits

The forms are in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader, you my download one for free from adobe systems.

Return completed form to,

Randy Shank
(Zoning Administrator)

Phone (269) 967-3964 for an appointment

Land Use Permit
There is a $30 Processing Fee
Late land Use Fee $50

The Township Hall located at 21947 R Dr South, Homer Mi
Our Mailing address
Clarendon Township
P.O. Box 275
Tekonsha Mi,  49092

We are a member of the Michigan Township Association.

The Township Hall built in 1872 has been given some updates to make it more user friendly but remains much as it was when built

2021 Township board Meeting Dates
January 11,  February 15, March 15, April 12, May 10, June 14,
July 12, August 9, September 13,

October 11, November 8, December 13.

Planning Commission Meetings
are held at 6:00 pm at the Township hall preceding

the Township board meeting.

A printable map of the Township roads can be found here, 

You may view and download past

     newsletters from the archive page

Gary Tompkins (R)
7th District Commissioner

Albion, Clarence, Clarendon,

Homer, Lee & Sheridan Townships.
questions or comments

you can E-Mail
Mr Tompkins at,

to view  the County Connection

click on the link

You may view each section of the Township in more detail, this is a large PDF file and may take some time to download.

click on the link

 Clarendon is a civil Township,
Established March 6, 1838.
Land area is 35.7 sq miles, water .2 sq miles,
2010 census shows the population to be 1,139,

Conditional Use Application and

There is a $250 Processing Fee

Demolition Application
and Permit

Land Division
Application and Permit

Building Permit & Plans
Examination Application
Updated 9/27/2020

Residential Electrical
Permit Application.
Updated 9/27/2020

Residential Mechanical
Permit Application.
Updated 9/27/2020

Residential Plumbing
Permit Application.
Updated 9/27/2020

Commercial Electrical
Permit Application.
Updated 2/11/2020

Commercial Mechanical
Permit Application.
Updated 2/11/2020

Commercial Plumbing
Permit Application.
Updated 2/11/20

Clarendon Township
Calhoun County, Michigan
Clarendon is a zoned community.

The zoning ordinance of 1976 has guidelines promoting and protecting the public health, safety and general welfare of the people in the community,
the ordinance has been amended,  
January 2018  to read as follows.

a copy is available here.

Other Township Ordinances

Clarendon Township
Blight Ordinance

Inoperable Vehicle and
Portable Structure

Control Ordinance

Land Division Ordinance

Municipal Civil Infraction

Junk Yard Ordinance

Clarendon Township
Cemetery Ordinance

Park Rules and


Prohibition Of Recreational
Marihuana Establishments
Adopted: June 10, 2019 

If you have questions or comments you may

contact the site adminstrator

or any board member.

Calhoun County Road Department
13300 15 Mile Rd,
Marshall, MI 49068
Phone 269-781-9841
Road Department

web Site

 County Road Dept,

The school districts of Homer and Tekonsha split the township almost evenly.

The township is also split between the Homer and Tekonsha fire departments, as are the rural addresses and telephone services.

At one time the Township had seven, one room schools, the schools were in operation from mid 1800 to mid 1900, There names are: Taffee, Darrow, Flint, Born, Nickerbocker,
Pritchard and Sloan, The last to close was the Pritchard.

Clarendon is a Civil township

A  civil Township is made up of 36 sections, 1 mile square, for a total 36 square miles.

Michigan has  83 Counties with 1,240 Townships.

The Township has several cemeteries;
West Clarendon on M-60;  
Cook’s Paraire on 23 Mile rd.;
Bentley’s Corners on T Drive South;  

St. Joseph’s on the County Line rd.


Clarendon employs a sexton that does a great

job of  keeping the Township cemeteries and park

looking good. 

Clarendon park on 22 Mile Rd, 

a fine place for a picnic, a cool dip in the pond. 

 Park is open to the public, has some rules for it's use.

The Saint Joseph River run's throw out the township

with 7 bridges on Township roads.

the photo below is from 18 1/2 mile Rd  bridge. 

We supply food to a great number of people,
next time you visit the grocery store, that milk or eggs may have come from a Clarendon farm, ENJOY.

We are a rural, mostly  agricultural community,

Agriculture is not only a business but a way of life in Clarendon. We have family farms that  have been in the family for generations.

Clarendon has a five member

board, they are

Steve R. Schrock
22100 M-60 West
Homer Michigan 49245
Phone 517-568-4047


Ericka Tryon
4016 22 1/2 Mile Rd
Homer Michigan  49245
Phone 719-281-7716   

Rosemary Berry
22491 P Dr South
Homer Michigan 49245

Tim Anderson
22525 M-60 West
Homer Michigan 49245

James Russell
745 22 1/2 Mile Rd
Homer Michigan 49245

Township Offices

Zoning Administrator
Randy Shank
800 19 Mile Rd
Tekonsha Michigan 49092
Phone (269) 967-3964

Robyn Kulikowski
P.O. Bx 814
Albion Michigan  49224
Fax: 269-781-9862

attn: Robyn Kulikowski

Tyler Butters

126 E. Pearl Rd
Coldwater, Michigan  49036
Phone 517-617-1931


Planning commission
Gregory McQuarter
Richard Maples (cair)
Jason Manke
James Russell

Kimberley Griffiths

Board of Review
Don Burgett
Bradley Stuart
Lance Landis
Steve Schrock
(Supervisor & secretary 

of board of Review)
Robyn Kulikowski Assessor

Building Inspector,

inforcement Officer
Glenn Lindsey
107 s. Capital Ave.
P O Box 190
Athens, Michigan 49011
Office 269-729-9244
Inspection Line 877-721-9266
Fax 269-729-9254


Zoning Board of Appeals
Richard Maples (chair)
James Russell
Don Burgett

Need State Information,
Here are a few links

that may be helpful.


Insurance and Financial


Dept. Natural Resources


Secretary of State


Treasury department

Summer tax's:
This tax is due by 9/14/2021 

payable to the local unit  (city/township),

Pay by mail to:
Clarendon Township
Rosemary Berry
PO Box 274
Tekonsha, Mi  49092

see message to taxpayer on 
your tax bill

for more  ways to pay.
After 9/14/2021 additional interest and fees apply
Tax questions 
phone 517-568-3805

If you have trouble paying your tax's, help may be available to you here.
     Clarendon Township poverty exemption application.
The following PDF application has 5 pages that must be completed with your information, return completed document to,

Assessor Robyn Kulikowski or Supervisor Steve R. Schrock

Call ahead for an appointment, 
the numbers can be found on this page.
To view and print application click on this link

Michigan Department

of Transportation
State Transportation

425 W. Ottawa St.

P.O. Box 30050
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone 517-373-2090

MDOT Web site